Sep 8, 2016

Well This Just Might Make You…

This might make you mad, or glad, but regardless I pray it makes you a more Biblical Christian. Of if you are not a Christian maybe it will help you understand more of the differences between these two things. (If you are not a Christian, please read my blog “The Greatest Question” here.)
Last post I wrote about the continuing “passion” that a professing Christian ought to have, and that is to seek to please God in every area of one’s life. To be sure, let me say again, this is seeking to please God is not to earn your salvation. Salvation is a gift from God we can receive, but can never earn.
Seeking to please God is the primary way to express our love for God for His gracious gift and for all that He does for us.
I hit on two very big “hot button” issues that face the whole world really. So where might we go next with that same desire… to please God in all aspects of life?
I was directed to another blog recently that I want to, in turn, direct you to. I guess you could say I’m bringing to you a “guest” blogger, even though he doesn’t know it!
This blog is another big issue that faces the world today. Dr. R. C. Sproul explains it very well. Here is the link to his blog.
To God be the glory!